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A little pandemic art for @talithadiggs . Tough times never last...tough people do... #nextlevel #nextyear #senioryear #track #fucovid19

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Round 2 comtinues!! Decided to honor our Class of 2020 Seniors. Giveaway also posted on Facebook. Enter a number between 1-50 in the comments field, the person closest without going over to the number randomly generated, wins the shirt. Winner WILL SELECT the size and style from available options. All comments must be entered by 11pm PST today. You will be contacted via DM later today. #etsyshop #etsyfinds #etsysale #classof2020 #classof2020 🎓 #seniorpictures #senioryear #quarantinegames #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill #freshbakedapparelaz

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Looking back at my 2020 seniors and hugging them from afar!

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Crazy how it ended 💯 #senior #senioryear #2020graduate 🎓

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And just like that my son’s senior year is officially over—praying for all the other seniors out there! #covid19 #senioryear #family

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Today’s senior spotlight is on Sami!!! Sami and my daughter went to preschool together and it was such a pleasure to create senior pictures for her! Sami loves dogs and you will see in her bio that she will be pursuing her career with animals. Her family fosters dogs and her mom called on their foster friends to help create the dog photos to show her love of dogs!! Was a fun afternoon! 2 of the dogs are Sami’s. I recently learned of Pipsqueak’s passing (the cute little one she is holding ). She was a super sweet dog and am so glad she will always have these memories. See more about Sami in her bio and let’s show Sami some ❤️🎉 #downersgrovephotography #downersgrovephotographer #downersgroveseniorphotographer #wheatonphotographer #lombardphotographer #chicagoareaphotographer #illinoisseniorphotographer #illinoisphotographer #seniorspotlight #seniorportraits #senioryear #classof2020 #inspiringteensmagazine #seniorinspire #seniorsznmagazine #mustlovedogs #doglover

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We played #applestoapples in #journalism #today ... they say the cards you #win #describeyou ! Apparently I am #confused , #explosive , and #insane ! #yolo #fungame #senioryear #awwyeah

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Bitter sweet✨ #senioryear

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•Wouldn’t have survived apt 514 without these queens• 👑 👑 👑 #senioryear

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I feel like life right now is a never-ending game of "hurry up and wait". Even my website is in a hurry up and wait pattern. I've got the design completed, the information updated, it's all ready to push PUBLISH...once tech support fixes a few issues on the back end. One thing this quarantine has taught me is that there's so much stuff that's out of my control and that some days you just have to take a deep breath, practice your patience and know that it's all going to work out in the end. But it's tough some days... can't wait for this to go live! Stay tuned...⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #FridayVibes #WeekendVibes #Photographer #PhotographerWebsite #WebsiteDesign #ProPhoto7 #MNPhotographer #IAPhotographer #MidwestPhotographer #HighSchoolSeniorPhotographer #HighSchoolSenior #SeniorYear #Graduation #GraduationPhotos #ClassOf2020 #ClassOf2021 #SeniorYear #QuarantineVibes #GettingStuffDone #Progress #MakingThingsHappen #Marketing #Entrepreneur #GirlBoss #LadyBoss

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Dedicated to ALL the graduates To all the preschoolers going into kindergarten, to all the kindergartens going into first, to all the 5th graders going into middle school, to all the 8th graders going into highschool, to all the seniors going into college & to all to college graduates going into their success, we applaud you all and all your hard work. No one thought something like this could happen and it’s not your fault, we congratulate all of you guys in all of your hard work 🎉👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓🎓📚🖍📒📓🚌📖 #classof2020 #congratulations2020 #momof5 #mzgordita #school #preschool #kindergarten #fifthgrade #5thgrade #8thgrade #senioryear #collegegraduates

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Might as well burn your old hw to help cope with all not being able to walk across the stage right??

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11 😊 *** Keep your heads up and your eyes fixed on our Savior! Know that Your counselors are here for you, future Lions! 🦁 * * * #vanguard #vanguarduniversity #vu100 #lionpride 🦁 #clawsup #classof2020 #classof2024 #senioryear #collegedecisionday #collegeacceptance #collegescholarships

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One of those perfect weather shoot days #flashbackfriday #Lphotoseniors #seniorpictures #stlfaces

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Since there is plenty of time to think lately, another movie quote has come to mind. Comment below if you can name the movie and character that gave us this:⁠ ⁠ "In a sluggish economy, never ever **** with another man's livelihood"⁠ ⁠ Sarah had a really fun shoot. First, we ran into some trouble with the park ranger at Francis Slocum, then it was back to the studio for some cap and gown photos. I asked her here to hide her mouth, but smile enough that I can see it in your eyes. She was perfect!⁠ ⁠ Things are so up in the air right now, it's hard to guess if there will be a time for the class of 2020 to wear caps and gowns. We all hope it happens!⁠ ⁠ Hopefully- things will return to normal before too long. New seniors will have great new sessions. Families will get great pieces of art for their homes. I'll end up standing in the water somewhere to get the angle I want. Until all that fun starts up again... let's enjoy a look back!⁠ ⁠ #FotoFinkPhotography #FotoFinkSeniorportraits #Classof2020 #seniorportraits #NEPAphotographer #classof2021 #seniorpics #seniorphotos #senioryear #hrhs #seniorphotographer #coughlinhighschool #coughlincrusaders #hanoverhighschool #hhs #hanoverhawks #meyershighschool #meyersmohawks #wyomingvalleywest #wvwspartans #NHS #Wyomingseminary #pittstonpatriots #WAHS #GARHS #CapandGown #graduationphotos #shortenthecurve

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•{49 days}• I finished decorating my cap • • #futuresailor2020 #futuresailor #senioryear #senior2020 #gradcap

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I’m so very thankful for each and every person who has made my senior year unforgettable. I wish it didn’t end like this, but I will forever cherish all the memories I have with each and every one of you. #senioryear

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My kids sure are missing the gym and time with their friends. Especially this one. #Bobby #SeniorYear #CovidSucks

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💙 #senioryear #lacrosse 🥍 Dreamworks is doing something special for them since their season canceled so early❣️

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EMMA DECKER C/O 2020 HARMONY HIGH SCHOOL Future Plans: After graduating Emma plans on attending Stetson University and studying political science. She plans on getting her law degree in criminal law and becoming a state prosecutor then eventually run to be a Senator. #harmonyhighschool #hhs #classof2020 #harmonysenior

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Repost from @blessedtrinitycatholic 🐶 check me out! Today's #FurryFriendsFriday is brought to you by @btauctiongala ! These are some of the #FurryTitans who found forever homes at our annual Auction Gala. #senioryear #shelterinplace

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This session just made me so excited for summer. The glow, the weather, everything ☀️ I am going to be obsessed with this session for a while! During the whole session I couldn't stop staying "so cute" because seriously it was. Shannon is glowing like the sun! Let's here it for this Class of 2020 senior! 🎓 MUAH 💋💄: @blendedbymeg


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dear senior year, This was supposed to be our year. The year of our senior prom, our last sports season, and our last time to be together as one. The year has taken an unexpected turn that has left us all wondering, what do we do now? What do we do now that all the things we were looking forward to are cancelled? As seniors across the country are all asking this same question, I think it’s a good time to be thankful for all the good times you did bring us. A time to be thankful for all the times we got to hang out with our best friends, going to our last homecoming, getting to have an amazing exchange student, create an unforgettable yearbook, going to our last community challenge and simply just going to sonic after every sports game. Even through this weird and confusing time, we still have all the good times to remember and we still have eachother and that is something that will never be taken away no matter the crisis. So let’s choose to be thankful for the good times when it feels like life won’t slow down #senioryear #yay #wegotthis

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☀️ What I should be doing March, April and May are 3 of my favorite months. The weather is perfect. Warm but not scorching. Weeks are filled with the sweetest, most excited senior portrait experiences and I just love it. I should be helping these seniors celebrate what should be the best year for them to date! But instead we are in our houses, fighting a virus that has taken up so much, for everyone. Seniors, my heart HURTS for you and all that’s been taken. BUT let me tell you, YOUR senior portrait sessions have not been. We WILL get you those gorgeous photos, we will have you go through the experience. All of my senior portrait experiences have been rescheduled for next month and into the summer. If you are on the fence, didnt think you wanted one before, but changed your mind, we can and will fit you in! Want to dress up in your prom dresses with your friends when all of this is over, LETS DO IT. Want a cap and gown session, we can do that too! I’m here for you and however I can make something memorable for you in this weird time! Your time is not over 2020 seniors 💕😘


It’s been one heck of a ride #SeniorYear 🤩


Three years…. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I still can’t believe it. One of those anniversaries where you feel like it’s been a life time, but can’t believe it went that fast. . Looking back, I remember the day so clearly… sitting in my apartment during my last month of college. After thinking about it for months and months & countless signs that I NEEDED THIS I sent a message to my coach that I was going to GO FOR IT and start coaching. . Three ago I decided to believe in myself & that the only way I could be successful as a coach was to show up and just start! In 3 years I have gained more than I could have EVER imagined: Confidence, amazing friendships, a healthy lifestyle, an amazing second income, some incredible retreats and vacations… honestly the list goes on and on, but my favorite is HAPPINESS. . Its so much more than just workouts and a shake and the small glimpse of a highlight reel you get to see on instagram… it’s finally understanding your purpose it’s surrounding yourself with so much freaking love & inspiration it’s helping people feel comfortable in their own skin it’s being consistent every single day it’s never giving up on people it’s showing people that they are worthy of MORE . If I can, so can YOU. I am not special or different, I’m just willing to believe in myself & put in the work to get our of my comfort zone. If you’ve EVER felt a tug on your heart to learn more about what I do as a coach… THIS IS YOUR SIGN. . All it takes is that one decision… and am I freaking glad my one decision 3 years ago changed my entire life. . Knowing you have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. Shoot me a message that you’d like more info or drop an “send me the deets” below and I’ll get you the information all about what it’s like to be a coach on my team @riseandthrivedynasty . 💕 might just be the best decision you’ll ever make

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I found this photo from my Senior Prom 2007 going through boxes at my dads house yesterday, proof that at one point I had zero tattoos #whosthatgirl 😱 I took my sister @hollandwithlove as my prom date that year 👯‍♀️ #EmoKidsForLife now I’m at home bored considering dying my hair that dark red again...

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Alguien quiere revivir el #10yearchallenge ? Debo comunicar que mi bronceado es producto de un #senioryear muy relajado 🏖 #natsocial #tbt